A whole range of sporting activities, whether on site or nearby, make for an invigorating vacation.
Swimming, tennis, cycling, hiking, horse riding, golf, sailing... there's something for everyone.
Let's start with 10 minutes of jogging, and then...
"Petanque anyone?"
On site: Tennis, swimming pool, hiking
18-Hole Golf Course (25 mins): Domaine de Clairis 89150 Savigny/Clairis
18-Hole Golf Course (15 mins): Domaine du Roncemay 89110 Aillant sur Tholon
Horse riding (15 mins):
Centre Equestre de Cocico 89120 Charny
Domaine Equestre de Chevillon
Les Bertins 89120 Chevillon
Sailing (20 mins): Lake Bourdon